Why iKeyVault

Signup. Secure. Share.

Most online users frequently forget their login information and find password requirements very complicated. In response, users setup the same password for all their logins or write down their passwords in unsecure places like sticky notes or other documents to remember them.

Your login credentials are saved in your iKeyVault, secured by a dynamic and unpredictable user authentication process that will keep your passwords safe. You can also download our browser extensions for a one-click login to access your accounts from anywhere!

All websites store your authentication credentials to your accounts and data in servers that are prone to hacks and identity thefts. With iKeyVault, as there ARE NO static authentication credentials to be stored, your login credentials can never be stolen!

iKeyVault allows you to SHARE data securely. Your data is secured by military grade state-of-the-art encryption in our servers - and should you share login credentials with your close ones, they'll need to verify themselves through the same authentication process.

Did you know that the Master Password of existing password managers have been hacked before compromising login information to all their user accounts stored in them?

With iKeyVault, your data is secured with our patented user authentication which involves a constantly-changing passcode based on a pre-determined formula that is both unpredictable and immune to hacks. The best part? It's defined by you!


A password vault with a twist.

With iKeyVault, you can store the following information:

  • Login Credentials (Usernames, Passwords, Answers to Verification Questions)
  • 21 GB of Sensitive Data through our Cloud Storage   Coming Soon!
  • Tags and Notes on Accounts, so that it’s easy to search

Your unique passcode to log into your Vault is defined by you so that it's easy for you to remember. It's based on unpredictable variables including:

  • Current Time or Date (on system)
  • Day of the Week
  • Last Closing Value of any Stock Symbol
  • Current Weather Temperature of any City
  • First Word of any News Feed
  • First Word in a Twitter Handle’s Latest Tweet
  • Unlimited Variables   Coming Soon!

Once you've selected the variables that are easiest for you to remember, you can then combine them to create a unique formula for your passcode, using the following calculations:

  • Add/Subtract
  • Multiply/Divide
  • Append


iKeyVault offers something for everyone - from students storing their academic websites to professionals storing their financials. We are here for you.



  • Store up to 21 login credentials!
  • Create your unique passcode with up to two variables.
  • Share your data and login credentials securely.



  • Store unlimited login credentials!
  • Create your unique passcode with up to three variables.
  • Store 21GB of data including files with sensitive data.
  • Share your data and login credentials securely.